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From the very beginning Elite Painting Contractors have built their solid reputation as professional painting specialists. Our signage and men at work can be seen all over Cape Town.

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"Painting to protect" - Our staff are friendly trained professionals with steady brush hands and an eye for detail.

We understand the key steps involved in a successful paint job. Exterior painting needs to protect your property from the elements while adding value. A good paint system is able to endure the harsh elements of the Cape Town weather system and stand proud for many years thereafter.

Inside painting involves working around and protecting our clients private spaces. We have procedures implemented to minimize interference and deliver exactly what is expected when a professional service is expected.

Once we lay our hands on your property we leave our name behind and this has always meant the most to us.

Elite Painting Contractors Pty Ltd are approved applicators of Prominent, Dulux, Sabre, Plascon and Midas Paints

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Rope Access

Due to the nature and various cost involved in cradles and fixed scaffold systems we have trained and invested in some of our key staff members to be able to work off of Rope Access systems. This allows us to get to hard to reach areas and work on buildings of any shape and size.

Rope Access is a specialist procedure and should always be entrusted with reputable contractors who take all the safety precautions extremely seriously.

Elite Painting Contractors Pty Ltd has their very own specialist Rope Access team.

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Structural Repairs

Depending on the extent of neglect a building has endured or not - we have developed and trained key staff members to be able to identify and execute structural repairs as a standard consideration on each and every job.

Concrete Spalling, Structural Cracking, Expansion/Movement Joints & Plasterwork all fall under Structural Repairs and are executed in accordance with highest industry standards and to manufacturers specifications.

Elite Painting Contractors Pty Ltd are approved applicators of SIKA, ABE and Mapei repair mediums.

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High Pressure Cleaning

All paint suppliers require the appointed contractors to high pressure (HP) wash/clean all exterior wall surfaces that require painting. This is  a very important process as it not only cleans dirt from the old paint system, but at the correct pressure you will also remove inadequately adhering paint and also expose the cracks to their full extent. Thereafter all necessary structural repairs can be undertaken.

The correct tool to be attached to the high pressure hoses from the machine is a ceramic rotary nozzle gun. This nozzle rotates at serious high speed and is the perfect tool to prepare a surface.  A fan spray attachment is used to clean a specific surface only and works well to wash a dirty building, often overlooked when considering repainting.

We own 6 commercial HP petrol machines that connect to clients water supply or if required water can be delivered to site.

Elite Painting Contractors Pty Ltd uses their High Pressure Cleaning machines on roofs, walls and floors.

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Our Latest Projects

From beautiful residential homes to large-scale commercial buildings, here's a little sneak peak into a few of our latest projects.

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